The Revelation of the Mystery Behind the Christmas Tree and the Connection to Christ

God revealed The Mystery of the Christmas Tree to Pastor Roslyn Haywood-Broadnax in 2005. This book will answer the age old questions, "How is the Christmas tree connected to Christ?" and "Why does the Christmas tree bring so much peace, happiness, and joy into our homes?". If you want to know more about this revelation, open up this book and learn how the Christmas tree connects to Christ's birth, death, and resurrection. Always remember, if it's in the holy book, it's not a crook.

The spirit of the Lord spoke to me in 2015 and told me that there will be a drought in the land. After so many decades of the Lord allowing the Christmas trees to reproduce; due to the revelation and mystery being revealed the world is going to witness for the first time the attack against the Christmas tree. This book was written so that Christians everywhere will never forget what a blessing the Christmas tree is, and they will share the message that Jesus is alive with people all over the world. To God be the glory, Amen.

--Roslyn Broadnax