The Right Hand of God: A Psychotherapist’s Case for the Reality of the Living God

Have we lost our sense of awe and humility before the all-powerful, creative, and holy God of the universe? We inhabit a post-modern age where scientific rationalism has replaced reverence and self-centered "spirituality" has overtaken biblical faith as society's prevailing belief system. Within the church, we have become overly comfortable and casual with a domesticated, familiar view of God that is far removed from the burning bushes and whirlwinds through which biblical figures experienced the living God.

Inspired by a brief remark during a sermon, Trembly sets out to recover aspects of God--including his physical presence and power--that are central to biblical narratives of human encounters with God yet often overlooked in our modern readings. As a practicing psychotherapist, he brings a keen understanding of character and the human mind to his consideration of Moses, Jacob, and others who were transformed by their direct experiences with God.

The God who emerges from Trembly's exploration is a God of unlimited power, creativity, and righteousness who refuses to be confined by the limits of human imagination and who speaks an unambiguous message, inviting us to share in the transforming work of his mighty "right hand" in the world.

--Ara C. Trembly, MS, MA, LPC

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