The Rise Of Raphael

The Rise of Raphael is about the extraordinary events of the second coming of Jesus. This story takes place in the future, in the dark slums of earth after the rapture happens, and the earth is full of unbelievers, of people who were called to service from God. The Antichrist and his demonic minions rise to the power and turn the earth's beautiful appearance into a wasteland that is full of poverty, violence, and death. God sends down his elite archangels from heaven to protect humanity from the Antichrist and Lucifer's powers in hopes that humanity will repent for their unbelief and follow Jesus with all their hearts before he comes again for his second coming to do away with the evil that plagues the earth and to lock up Lucifer, the dragon of old, for a thousand years of peace. The Rise of Raphael will show you in vivid detail how our angels fight for us against the forces of evil. It will also show you in vivid detail how hard the forces of evil try and eliminate the presence of the Holy Spirit. This book will open our eyes to the light and remind you why you don't want to be left behind when the rapture happens.

--Gabriel Lugo