The Soul of a Warrior: Spiritual Reflections from the Battlefields of Vietnam

There is an intriguing correlation between the physical warfare of an infantryman and the spiritual warfare of a follower of Jesus Christ. Both of these combat situations are challenging, intense, and life-altering. Every Christian has been drafted into the army of God and is engaged in battles with spiritual forces. Not very many people, in comparison, have experienced the horrors of earthly combat. The author, Tim Rezac, has experienced both, in a very real and personal sense. As a devoted disciple of Jesus, he had to wrestle with many spiritual and emotional issues during the Vietnam War. This book contains many of those issues, with biblical comparisons and practical applications for victorious Christian living. Some of the chapters may be uncomfortable to read but are necessary for a lucid description of both types of warfare in the real world. This book's primary purpose is twofold: To encourage fellow believers toward spiritual maturity as soldiers in the Lord's army, and to urgently persuade those who have not yet trusted in Jesus Christ as their Savior to do so. May you be eternally blessed as you read and ponder the following pages.

--Tim Rezac

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