The Story of Noah

"Noah," his master whispered in his ear, "there's a storm coming."

This is the beginning of a story birthed from the imagined plight of the animals who survived the floods from Hurricane Katrina. From the first whispered warnings that change is coming to a desperate race with the rising flood waters, Noah relates the story of Jesse who does everything he can to ensure that Noah, his beloved Shetland pony, survives the huge storm.

"Although the story is fictional, it feels all too real. The vivid description, the fast-paced storytelling, and the multidimensional characters draw its audience in to a story that follows an exciting yet heart-wrenching adventure of tragedy and loss to a place of hope and purpose. It's a surprising, uplifting tale that compels its readers to follow to completion the saga of two best friends and how beautifully and intricately their lives intertwine." (Laura Gardham, honored BA and councilor)

--Christine Wiedemann

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