The Swords of Nehemiah: The Rings of Church Security: Creating and Implementing a Realistic Operational Strategy for Protecting Houses of Worship: Non Apud Me, Mea Custode! (Not in My House, while I Stand Guard!)

Every house of worship in America faces a growing constant threat of violent attacks from terrorists, social fanatics, violent anti-religions, the mentally ill, drug-ravaged, and others who crave the social media and news fame of a mass killer. In the last twenty years, there was an average of two deadly force incidents (DFI) at houses of worship in America each week.

No state, county, city, or house of worship of any religion is exempt from these threats. Violence, unrest, and criminal attacks are increasing nationwide with no penalty, accountability, or restrictions. Violent criminals are released into society with no controls. Churches of all denominations are seen as soft targets, and they must address these threats and take actions to protect those who come to worship.

Retired FBI Superintendent Ed Mireles says, "This book is a highly recommended, MUST READ, for all Church Security Personnel." This book gives the reader an extremely valuable program of strategies and tactics that can be immediately applied to provide protections against these violent threats, to limit the number of threats that occur and minimize the effects of those that happen. With years of direct experience and multiple sessions of very high-quality training, the author faces these threats head-on and then moves directly to provide counter methods.

Hard-hitting, direct, and fast-paced, The Swords of Nehemiah is the essential HOW TO playbook for church protection strategies that have proven successful and can be immediately implemented and consistently improved and enhanced. Retired Professor of Criminal Justice Dr. Jeffrey P. Rush says it best, "This is the book every church, every security team needs. Read it, learn it, live it."

--Joseph M. Gilbert

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