The Thieves of Simplicity A.K.A. 20th and 21st Century Religious Rabbis: Volume 1 The Light of Truth Series

My objective is to make people aware that this pious bunch of religious leaders today is no better today than those of the religious system in the days of Jesus.

In the days of Jesus, they had many more commandments than listed in the Torah. Today there are 613 commandments. To read them, go to www.Judaism101: a list of the 613 mitzvot (commandments). You will find their list of commandments for thirty-four subjects, three times more subjects than commandments.

According to the 2008 Census, in America there are 314 denominations and they’re broke out into classes. Twenty-eight have the largest membership. Thirty-five are Christian religious denominations (makes you wonder what the twenty-eight are). One hundred twenty-four are “other religions” and one hundred twenty-seven are “new age religions.”

If each of these groups had only two of their self-appointed commandments that would give us “628,” I can almost guarantee they have more than just two.

In Mark 10:17, the rich man asked Jesus, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?”

Jesus replied, “Keep the commandments.” He was referring to those listed in the Torah, not man-made.

God made it so simple to serve him. Only man has defiled the system he gave us!—hence “the thieves of simplicity.”

--Marion Hall