The Twenty Woodworking Tools: Every Kid Should Have and Know How to Use

The Twenty Woodworking Tools Every Kid Should Have and Know How to Use

Hey Kids! Grandpa Bob here, ready to show you the 20 woodworking tools you should have and I'll

teach you how to use them.

So, what's in your toolbox? Do you even have one and do you know how to use the tools that are in

it? You may not if no one has shown you and that's where I come in.

By the time you finish this book you will know:

Where to get your tools

Why you need to learn to use your tools correctly

How to take care of your tools

How to use your tools safely

I learned how to use hand tools from my dad and my grandpa and now I am going to teach you

some of the things I learned from them. So get ready to begin a life-long adventure in woodworking

with hand tools!

-Grandpa Bob

--Robert Bergdahl

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