The Unforgettable Experience!: The Voice from Within

The book The Unforgettable Experience! reflects countless memories of how I had to overcome obstacles through learning how to trust the process of God. This book reflects different experiences of how I had to travel in the same place but the same season, and even when I have traveled different places, I was still repeating some of the similar experiences. This book reflects the different levels of maturity of growth that I had encountered and experienced through each journey that I have had with God. The unforgettable experience will reflect the many times that I have experienced hearing the voice of God through many twists, bumps, turns, dead-end roads, self-doubts, and disappointments that life had to offer me. This book will reflect every area of my encounter of self-esteem, self-identify, season of suicide, season of rejection, season of brokenness, season of being misunderstood, and season of the lost.

The Unforgettable Experience! is not just a book that reflects the countless encounters with my faith but this book reflects the journey of how I once thought things were impossible that God showed me that he was the Father of impossibilities and the Father of possibilities. The Unforgettable Experience! will speak of the many accounts how having faith in God had brought me out some of the darkest places in my walk. Although this was a journey, this book will empower many that have gone through similar experiences and going through the now experience that what I thought was impossible, God took every situation in my life that had occur to turn around for my good. If God could do it for me, the Father can surely do for you. This book reflects how God was molding me for purpose, and now I know my full purpose because of those experiences. What I thought was breaking me was just making me. What I thought that I could not overcome, I overcame through faith, transformation, and trust.

--Charleania Major

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