The Unrevealed Mysteries: Walking with God

Seeking first the kingdom of God for in it "the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith, as it is written, ‘The righteous shall live by faith.'"

I will stand firm and steadfast on his word, trusting in him with all my heart, not leaning on my own understanding, in all my ways I will acknowledge him as he makes my path straight.

Casting all my burdens on the Lord, and he will sustain me as I walk in the way of righteousness, for blessed are those who keep his ways (Prov. 8:32).

Walking with God, sensing his nearness and presence in my life, desiring to know God, and experiencing the beauty of his joy, peace, and contentment as he gives me greater insight for his will in my life. Transforming me by the renewal of my mind, taking off the old me and deeds, putting on the new me renewed in knowledge after the image of my Creator. Walking with God as he revealed the unknown secrets and treasure that were buried deep inside of me. Putting my faith and trust in him, letting him become my standard, fully experiencing his love, allowing him to show us what's in our heart, soul, mind, spirit, and life that convicts us as he exposes our hearts, giving us courage to change, leaning not to my own understanding, and in all my ways acknowledging God; he will make my path straight.

--Mary Johnson