The Unshakeable Truth: Biblical Controversy “Resolved”: A Nondenominational Christian Commentary and Guide to Inner Peace and Truth based on Biblical Facts

The Unshakable Truth is a nondenominational Christian guide to inner peace, based on true biblical facts. A system of cross-referencing is used to quote multiple scriptures to provide the believer with the truth in God's instruction from His written Word.

With divine inspiration, I clarify all the confusion to the questions asked: Was Jesus Christ the Son of God? Is there really the Trinity? Is there only one God? As Christians today, are we expected to live under the Ten Commandments or abide in the blood covenant of Jesus Christ crucified? Do Christians of today live by sight or faith? What does it mean to live in faith, love, and blood and fear? Is there really a history and message of the cross, or is it just a shocking holy thing?

I have answered these questions and more, through biblical facts and revelation from God. I can tell you that God does have a prescribed order for Christian living today and that God spoke to Jesus and that there is only one God and none like God.

--Dr. Steven Catalano