There Might Be Ghosts Inside Those Hills

Where some might find a cavern a dark and gloomy place, to me, there is no better, more

relaxing place on earth, or in earth. Then again, I have been working in them since I was

twelve""thirteen, officially. So I am more used to them than most people. Over those years, I and a

few of my friends have seen some pretty unusual things. Not just the beauty of the formations and

the chambers, but things that might curl the hair of most. I have heard, but never saw two little girls

laugh. I have seen women from the last millennium dressed in their Sunday best turn into mist. I

have made a Civil War soldier mad at me, and watched him turn into a ball of black smoke. I have

heard the scream of a woman in the dark. These experiences are some of the most vivid memories

of my life. Unlike some, I really find these things fascinating and consider myself fortunate to have

experienced them. Here I tell of some of these experiences, and many others, including things that I

have experienced with real people. I also relay some of the most unusual and, some might call

intriguing, things about caves in general. After all, caves have been around for a long time and

explored by thousands""in some cases, long before us. In all, I have to say I have lived a blessed life,

and thank God for everything I have. In this book, I tell of some of the things that he has let me

see. I would like to see more unusual things, but I really don't seem to have any kind of control over

any of it. I do know that it has been fun getting there so far and really do hope it will continue. Only

time will tell, and one day, maybe I will have enough for a volume two""that would be the ultimate.

I do hope to have a couple of new books in the future, after all, I have dealt with the public most of

my life. They are, in some cases, more fascinating than the apparitions that I have encountered.

--Scott Bradley Hesson