Treestand Chatter invites you to head out with the author to his treestand. Though the treestand is typically used for archery hunts for whitetail deer, it is so much more than that. The more hours spent gawking at all that makes up nature itself leaves one in awe, appreciation, and worship of the God of the Word unfolded before your very eyes. Chatter can refer to your inner thoughts, your prayers, the fowl speech of geese, turkeys, chickadees, eagles, hawks, owls, and more. Accompanied by a number of good books is his pocket-size New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs. Along with a cell phone that's useful for searching the Internet, you and the author can be mesmerized by these written chatter forms while seated safely and comfortably in your secure treestand. Noticeably, chatter can also refer to the grunts, hisses, mews, bleats, and bugles of those who call the forest floor home. God speaks to us in parables, metaphors, and analogies, and Treestand Chatter is a myriad of analogies transcending from the obvious to the very height and glory of our creator's design and intent. One definition of intelligence is, "the ability to make an analogy." The Lord Jesus teaches effectively through His profuse use of metaphors, symbols, similes, analogies, and parables to elevate us from what we already understand to the heights and goals of what He yet desires for us to understand. From the proboscis of an annoying mosquito to the perfection of some critter's camo, to the traits and habits that are on constant display, it's breathtaking! Far more often than not, you leave the treestand without a harvest of venison but never without a captivated memory bank of sights, smells, and sounds. The author is deeply stirred by precious hours spent in this elevated perch undetected by the panoply of passers-by. Your invitation includes a vicarious pondering of all things nature with the author...and with Author and Creator God. Come on in, climb on up!

--D. Jake Roberts

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