Trintarious: A Prodigal Son Story

The parable of the prodigal son is familiar to most of us. In Luke 15, Jesus tells of the son that went to his father, asked for and received his inheritance, and then squandered the money on drunkenness and prostitutes. He then came to his senses and, realizing his father's servants were better off than he was, went crawling back, only to be embraced by his father who threw a party for him. His brother then became angry, and the father had to explain it all to him. It is a great passage and has many teachable aspects to it. But how did the son grow up thinking he needed to go off on his own, and what were the consequences that led to the realization to come home?Trintarious is a young man of nineteen who is loved by his family but believes his destiny is to follow his own path and live his life as he wants, making his own decisions. With the encouragement of his friends and the blessing of his family, he sets off for unknown adventures on his beloved camel and learns the hard way that life away from those who love you is difficult and fraught with danger. The story and the outcome is well known, but the how and the why are left to the imagination.

--JR Bray

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