Trusting God: With Faith, Failure Is Not…

This book is the story of my life, first as a worldly sinner, not knowing God’s presence in my life, and then as a saved and redeemed sinner, recognizing and acknowledging God as my Lord and Savior. It is how God talked to me about life and showed me how to trust Him, through the understanding of what faith is, during fifty years as a pilot and as a Christian living life every day, a snapshot, a moment in time of my experiences. My life is not so unique. Most people start out their lives not knowing what vocation will be their life’s work. Mine was no different. However, with that said, it was as if the hand of God has always been on me, directing and orchestrating my life. He allowed me to recognize His leading and has given me a unique perspective that may be beneficial to others to help them understand this thing which we call life. This is my God story.

--W. Lewis Sain, Jr.

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