Truth: “Something everyone wants, but not everyone can handle.”This monster has many faces, meaning addiction and mental health, it’s the one who says she’s fine, but on the inside begging for help. You see the stranger standing next to you? Yeah, there’s no stranger at all. Why? Because if you knew each other’s story, you would probably have more in common than you think. We find it hard to expose our inner demons with fear of judgment and lack of understanding. We’ve lost faith in our higher power, gotten our hearts broken, and at some point, we lost our will to live, believing the world would be better without us. If only outsiders could read our minds, right? I’ve suffered from mental health illness and drug addictions for years, and it’s time I used my creative talent to express what we go through. Pain has always been my greatest motivator. Instead of dwelling on it, I chose to share it and let you know you are never alone. I can only keep what I have by giving it away, and always remember that no weapon formed against you shall ever prosper.

--Tammy Miller