Turn It Around: Make Your Last Fall Be Your Last Fall

Life is hard. Really hard. Between the opioid epidemic, failing marriages, broken homes, child abuse, and rampant selfishness, we live in a very broken world that leads to very broken people. Broken people go on to make bad choices in their lives. God sees this. God loves us. God gives grace. His grace is the key to turning it around. God is willing to forgive the past, heal the past, and help us in the future. That is an amazing offer that with one sweep of His hand (based on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ), God would remove the stains of our past and let us start life over. No one wants to fall again and again, but that is what we tend to do. This book embraces the grace of God and the strength of God for turning a life around and helping us make that last fall be our last fall.

Chaplain Paul's previous book was Convicted: One Hundred Days: Devotions to Help Physically and Spiritually Incarcerated People, which is a devotional book for anyone seeking to understand God's word more.

--Chaplain Paul

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