Vatican Impeachment

Democratic elections are a privilege of the people to choose their leaders in order to govern them through various levels of public administration. Elections are polarizing exercises of the political powers competing for popular votes, presenting their programs which are expected to be fulfilled.

Every candidate must stand in front of the people demanding their approval, meaning votes, and the majority form the government. Democracy has been known for three millennia and today represents the most popular form of government""with one exception.

There is a country where elections are held in one room behind closed doors and only 120 men vote to choose one of them to become the most absolute ruler in the world.

This country is the Vatican, and the absolute ruler is the Pope.

He doesn't only rule the smallest country in the world, with only 451 citizens, but also 1.3 billion Roman Catholics disseminated across the world.

While not hereditary, the papal dynasty has been in existence for two thousand years, and the present vicar of Christ sitting on Saint Peter's throne is the 266th.

This is the longest reigning dynasty without interruption.

The Catholic Church today is in crisis and very divided, trying to regain back the followers who are drifting away from the doctrine of the Pope. Most Catholics are confused if the Pope is their spiritual leader or a politician with radical ideology. He is implementing a revolution in the Church institutions following his own doctrine of purging those who disagree with him without forgiveness.

There is no transparency, accountability, consultation, or any form of collective decision making.

The two-thousand-year-old institution is overflooding with extremely serious problems covered up with the Pope's knowledge and approval.

The majority of the cardinals who elected the current Pope in March 2013 sincerely regret it and now are waiting for a miracle to end of this pontificate. How to elect the righteous one? Could an American cardinal be elected Pope?

History teaches us about unpopular monarchs being removed by revolutions. In democratic systems, however, leaders are removed by impeachment.

Could the Pope be impeached?

Is he just a man and a sinner or a superior human elevated to Saint Peter's throne?

Who could have the courage to change history?

Should only the Pope be impeached or the entire Vatican monarchy reformed in order to avoid self-destructive revolution?

This is happening now.

This story brings the reader behind the Vatican gates protected by Swiss Guards' halberds and discovers the intrigues, hypocrisies, ruthless politics, cronyism, corruptions, cover-ups, and clashes of various interests.

"Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures" (RW Emerson).

--Alfred Lenarciak