V.O.W.: 9 Points of Impact: Transformational Guide to Greater

Beloved, you have inquired about the success of yourself and observed others prosper while sitting on the side of the road. What do they know that you don’t? What are you doing wrong? What is their formula for success, happiness, and prosperity? Is there a secret being held from you? Is the universe not aligning with your wishes, thoughts, and words? Are your dreams ever going to come true? Can you ever pick up the broken pieces of those pipe dreams? The purpose of V.O.W. is to provide realignment in a practical matter by refocusing and equipping with nine points of impact that operate in every aspect of our lives. This life-enhancing tool is designed to create and catapult “maintainable equilibrium” to the forefront while reintegrating “practice” back into practical.

--T. L. Blythers

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