Walking in the Spirit: There�s Power in the Wind

Walking in the Spirit - There's Power in the Wind is a practical guide about experiencing the spiritual gifts that God gives us and the necessary growth that has to go right alongside these gifts. It's a sometimes funny yet very real story and transparent look at how and what we experience while we are learning.

Readers will be encouraged as they learn how to process what God gives them and the experiences we may have while going through these processes. It will answer questions such as

What if I make a mistake?

Would God be mad at me?

How can I be sure it's God speaking to me?

Am I mature enough to handle these gifts?

Find out the answer to these questions and more in Walking in the Spirit - There's Power in the Wind.

"Evelyn Lang has the ability to bring a wonderful human touch to the miraculous working of God in the life of Spirit-filled believers. I trust that her new book "Walking in The Spirit - There's Power in The Wind" will prove a blessing to all those who read it."

Pat Robertson

Founder/Chairman - The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.

--Evelyn Lang