We Were Deceived

This is a book about the journey of a woman who was diagnosed with chronic schizophrenia in 1996 and declared incurable by science and condemned to a lifetime of medications and psychiatric institutions. In this book, you will go along with her in her journey and learn how it was that Jesus Christ delivered her from a legion of demons and how she not only got completely healed from schizophrenia, but she also graduated from college with a degree in psychology and from a Christian Bible Institute as a minister. In her journey to find the truth, she discovered through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, that many of the things she was being taught in her schools were wrong and far from the truth and how society has been deceived in general with the feminist movement, to set mothers up to abandon their children so that the children will be indoctrinated and mind controlled with music, movies, false teachings from churches and the public school system, which is designed to dumb children down and to program them to obey their system. Like this they can produce more mentally ill people that end up consuming their medications and never getting healed as a result of not addressing the issue spiritually and with the power of Christ and His truth.

In this book, I present many news articles to proof that the feminist movement is a fraud and the verses of the Bible to show that the will of God for women was that they be home with their children. I show the importance of mothers staying home with their kids and the devastating effect that the working mothers are having upon their children. I also show many of the things that the enemy has been doing to program our society to accept his ways and go astray from the ancient biblical ways of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The main point of this book is to show the church that the enemy has infiltrated our pulpits and that they have changed and twisted our scriptures and lead the flock to live a lukewarm Christian life. We must repent and come back to the truth and acknowledge that we are in apostasy and the judgment of God is coming upon the world as a result of our apostasy.

I believe we are living in the last days and the great tribulation is about to start and the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is imminent!

Soon the lifestyle of luxury and comfort that we are used to here in America will be stripped away and the enemy is getting ready to rule over us for the short period of time that he was granted from God. Also, my book is to show everyone also how it was that we have allowed the enemy to get so much control of our lives and why it is that God allowed him to get away with doing so. Because of our rebellion and disobedience, the enemy now is getting ready to take over and create a New World Order and a One World Religion, which excluded the truth of Jesus Christ.

This is a book to awaken the masses from their spiritual slumber and to bring the kind of repentance that will unleash the spiritual revival the Lord Jesus Christ expects to harvest right before He comes to rapture His bride.

--Desiree Alcantara