Welcome to Miss Kindheart's Class: Where compassion is the lesson of the day—every day!

Dear reader,

You are cordially invited to stop by Miss Kindheart's classroom for a visit. This is a very special place where every student is recognized as a unique individual, each with their own amazing talents, interests, and abilities.

In this first book of the Miss Kindheart Series, Dr. Bruce introduces Miss Kindheart, a unique teacher committed to helping her students learn that compassion is the key to understanding and connecting to others and ultimately to overcoming their own challenges.

This volume features five amazing students who demonstrate how exercising compassion for others leads to understanding each person's unique needs and strengths while providing a place where everyone feels safe and supported. Topics covered in this book include dealing with bullies, overcoming fear, learning to be a leader, conquering shyness, and coping with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD).

As each of the students share their personal stories of trials and triumphs, we see that even though everyone faces challenges at times, they also have strengths and talents that allow them to overcome their challenges and to help others too.

The purpose of the Miss Kindheart book series is to...

- raise awareness about a variety of challenges children face every day;

- present a developmental perspective on helping children successfully face and overcome their challenges;

- increase compassion for others of all ages, races, genders, nationalities, and abilities; and

- offer resources to help talk about and address these challenges.

This series has been created for all children and the parents, teachers, and counselors who care about them. In addition to the stories, a variety of resources including affirmations, web links and tips on how to help your unique child succeed, as well as a glossary of terms, is included to help with the discussion and application of these important concepts.

--Dr. LeAnn E. Bruce

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