What Love Is Not: How Not to Fail in a Marriage: A Perspective from Two People Who've Failed... and Tried Again

This book is geared for anyone who is single and looking to get into a relationship, someone who is courting, engaged, married, divorced, on the brink of divorce, or is daring to marry again.

If you are anywhere in that spectrum, there are some nuggets of wisdom in this book that may benefit you right where you are.

The objective of this book is to provide some simple biblical insights from different angles, from the perspective of two people who took a shot at marriage, did it their way, failed, and dared to try again-God's way.

This couple deals with the most practical, nitty-gritty matters-right to the heart of the deepest spiritual issues that arise in relationships. They delve into the breakdown and complexity of true love, God's purpose and design for marriage, understanding gender roles, right down to the dynamics of a thriving relationship. Read about their personal stories of restoration-how God used their failures and makes all things new!

--Cassidy and Daniela Parlane

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