What's A Hero

The title Whatís a Hero just kind of popped in my head. Talking about my hero probably could be two books. It took a long time for me to realize how important he was to me. I will always regret that I was not there to see his last breath. I would like to pass on a little advice. If you love your parents, you should talk to them as much as you can. Say everything you want for them to know. You also need to leave that macho stuff outside because a real conversation will be emotional. I take to my grave one fact; I wasnít there and I can never get that back. So do yourself a favor and talk to your parents. They know things; some will actually help you out. Donít tie yourself up because death doesnít knock. So say what you need to say before itís too late. I hope he was proud of me; he left before telling me.

--Danny Williams