When It All Falls Apart: The Sequel

In addition to examining the challenges of a tainted marriage, When It All Falls Apart... The Sequel, delves into how keeping the "Past" relevant in our lives can potentially cause problems in relationships. The turn of events in this entertaining novel will have you engulfed in the lives of each character and promises to leave you gasping for air. The sequel has several back stories and scenarios that will all lead to a day of reckoning. Michael and Jasmine are trying to put the pieces of their marriage back together. While they physically appear to be as one, they soon realize they are actually drifting apart. Michael is beginning to second guess his decision to forgive his wife and his resentment becomes more apparent. He usually operates under the direct counsel of God. However, in efforts to process the pain of his wife's adultery, he decides to take his future into his own hands. Will he overcome his internal conflict that is tirelessly working to convince him to abandon his covenant with God and his wife? Will the once anointed Michael Fletcher succumb to the crafty wiles of the devil to live according to a self-fulfilling prophecy? Because When It All Falls Apart... The Sequel, satisfies the thirst of avid readers of several genres including, spiritual based thought, suspenseful drama and romance, this is the novel you will fall in love with!

--Lawrence Etienne

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