When My Mother and Father Forsake Me, the Lord will take care of me

My life started when my parents left me in an abandoned house to die, and I found out years later that I nearly starved to death, losing my adopting father to the Korean War at three years old, then a sickly childhood, a life of risk taking acting like I had a death wish (including Russian Roulette after Vietnam), a life of hating God which I denied there was one, survival guilt, and PTSD from Vietnam, meanness, a failed marriage, alcoholism, suicide attempts in various ways, prison, and my only child dying in Desert Storm. I was insane a lot of the time.

The price I paid finally drove me to start reading the Bible and seeking God. I finally gave up! I had to learn how to Love.

I painfully wrote this book to reach out to any lost souls who are suffering and think they have the answers to find purpose of life, true happiness, and true Love without Jesus. My prayer is that if you bring your cynical, skeptical unbelief to the first page of my story that the Lord will have mercy on you (He loves all His children equally) and you walk away with hope! If only 1 person finds the Lord then all my suffering has been worth it.

--Doc Mas