Whispers of Love: 365 Daily Devotional

Experience the Whispers of God’s Love

The Bible is a love story. Throughout scripture, God lavishes His love upon His children. God’s love is unconditional and has no boundaries. It is pure, unearned, unlimited, and divine.

In this devotional book, author Patricia M. Riggie assures you that you are not alone in life’s challenges. As you read each devotional, she invites you to listen for the whispers of God’s love and to know how deeply and unconditionally you are loved by God.

Ms. Riggie encourages you to experience the depths of God’s love by allowing God to strengthen you in the midst of your trials, heal your broken heart, wash away shame, guilt, and sin, and guide you on your life’s journey.

Nothing is more important in life than to love and be loved. Allow the whispers of God’s love to melt away your fears, doubts, and insecurities and watch yourself be transformed by His love.

--Patricia M. Riggie