Who Is God?: The Problem with Man

Who Is God? The Problem with Man is a book that is meant to introduce you to the triune god, Elohim. It leads you to be able to have a better understanding of who God is and who we are to God. The Introduction alone will provoke the thought and help the reader gain a better understanding of the existence of God so that they can move past the problem of where it came from. This is one book that the reader will not want to skip over the Introduction.

The book is divided into four parts with three parts devoted to each part of the Godhead: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The last part of the book is dedicated to serving God. The author pulls a lot of information from Scripture and the influences of other great authors and pastors, such as C. S. Lewis, A. W. Tozer, Billy Graham, and Dr. Charles Stanley.

The book is meant to provoke the reader to live a life crucified to self and alive with joy in God. It is great for the new Christian as an introduction to God and a guidebook to godly living. It will also be a great book for the Christian who is seeking more in their life, and it will provoke them to find more for their life by living their life less for themselves and more for God.

--J. I. Roe

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