Why Must I Cry for You: If My Lord Can Cry Then so Can I

The content in this book is not exclusive to the people who believe in my heavenly father as I do. Everything I have written has been given to me by God, most of it centers on life experiences. Written in poetry form, I am hoping that the readers will connect and realize that there are other people who have experienced some of the similar things that they have and still come out on the other side with the grace of God. Contrary to what has been said, men have emotions and we do just as women do. Hopefully this will give other people understanding of that being true while helping to uplift everyone that reads my book. I hope to reach as many people as I can because I believe this is God’s will for my life. Thank you very muchPlease understand that I am touching the tip of the iceberg of what the depth of my writing will ultimately become to be at least I believe so by God’s gift. It is as if God is telling me to write the things that people might go through might feel or have experienced but also questions, that I trust might make you say I thought about that before. It is amazing how when you have heard that term if I can just reach one person or touch one person heart then perhaps one of my Destiny’s that God has placed me on has been accomplished.

--Avery B. Allen