Wisdom for the Trenches: God's Solutions for Life's Challenges

World War I—when “trench warfare” was the awful way wars were fought. It was not just the drudgery of digging the trenches. It was the horror of living in them in mud, ice, snow, and bombardments. For the person of faith, everyday life has its own moral and spiritual trench warfare with constant bombardments by the enemies of our souls. When King Solomon and his wise friends wrote the divinely inspired Book of Proverbs, they knew life was warfare. They gave advice about the dangers of adultery, the stupidity of getting into debt, and the folly of not learning from the disastrous decisions of others . . . whom they called “fools.” They made Proverbs a guide to survival and victory.For nearly four decades, Larry Poland served Jesus Christ in what he calls “the epicenter of folly”—Hollywood and New York media. All the while, he studied the Bible’s basic textbook on wisdom, Proverbs. He translated these wonderfully practical principles into the treacherous world in which you and I live—and fight the spiritual war—in the trenches of life.Larry brings his education in social science at Wheaton College, in theology at Grace Seminary, and two graduate degrees including a Ph.D. from Purdue University to bear on God’s solutions. He integrates his experience as a college president, founder of a Christian radio station, TV talk show host, author of nine books, creator of the world’s largest traveling mixed media presentation, travel in 82 countries, and consultant to executives in global media. Larry and his wife, Donna Lynn, have six children and fourteen precious members of the next generation.

This book could change your life . . . and help you win your war!

--Larry W. Poland, Ph.D.

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