Words of Peace and Love: Assurance: Book 1

Words of Peace and LoveBook 1For devotion, meditation, Bible study, and spiritual growth.

This book has a unique anointing of God and is delivered in a most unique way by Margarite Evans-Brooks. Her messages are centered on the Word of God and formulated in poetry in a manner which makes receiving the message simple yet most instructional. The style and content will result in growth in what is referred to as, "In Christ Truth." This is the foundation of who believers in Christ are, what they have, and what they can do because they are born again and are continually filled with His Word and His Holy Spirit. You will be blessed as you read, meditate on, and apply the truth contained in this book.

--Rev. Brian K. McCallum

Author of Breaking the Bread of Revelation (three-book series)

This book's purpose is

to release our gift of faith,

to glorify God (Psalm 86:12 and Matthew 5:16),

for the equipping of the saints,

for the work of ministry, andfor the edifying of the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:12)


--Margarite Evans-Brooks

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