Words To Live By

How the Words to Live By came to be. I drive a tractor trailer for a living, and in 1995, I started hauling produce from the west coast to the Boston, Massachusetts, area for Scott & Allen. Their office was in Chelsea, Massachusetts, and there were three men in the office. After I delivered the load to the Wholesale Produce Market in Chelsea, I would go to their office, and they would pay me for delivering the load. I visited with them for a while and got to know them quite well.One day, when I was leaving to go home, I said to them, "The next time I leave home and head out west, how about I send you all an email to let you know and maybe send you some words to live by?"And they said that would be just fine. That is how it all started. Each time I left home and headed west, I would send the three men at Scott & Allen an email and one of the segments.

--Kenneth Rishel

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