Would You Follow?

Would You Follow? by Sharlee Cheyenne is a poetry collection that dares readers to chase their dreams, believe in life's goodness, and realize God's love for them. In an era where the darkest and grimmest is all that we see on our phones and televisions, these poems present us with light, hope, and joy and challenge us to look for these things in the world around us. With her lovingly crafted words, this young poet urges people to renew their outlook on life and not allow their faith to be crushed by life's trials. While her hopefulness might seem to be naivety to seasoned veterans of life, Sharlee still wants to rekindle the light of belief in anyone who will open their hearts to the idea of hoping again. As you read these fifty poems, may you also experience the inspiration, excitement, and wonder that comes from choosing to see the light in the world, and may you close this book with a new sense of purpose and hopefulness. May the constant negativity and depression we've come to accept as normal, especially in the last few years, flee from the happiness you find in these pages. If you find yourself blinded to anything but the shadows of life, may you find the courage to let in the sun, embrace hope and salvation in Christ, and follow your dreams with joy in your heart. Everyone has a God-given spark to share with the world! Only one question remains: do you dare to follow the light, even if it leads out of the darkness we've been told to surrender to?

--Sharlee Cheyenne

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