You Are Being Planted, Not Buried

Who are you when things don't go right? When the plan doesn't work out the way it's supposed to? Most of us have been in situations where we aren't moving at the speed we want to move, and we are facing circumstances we don't want to face. While these situations are never easy, they present an opportunity to grow in the face of adversity and flourish even if our life seems to be on hold.

In this perspective changing book, MLB draft pick and motivational speaker Lance Thonvold shares his struggles with identity and self-worth as his baseball dreams came crashing down at the peak of his career. Following an exceptional first season of professional baseball with the Seattle Mariners, Thonvold experienced heartbreaking injuries to his pitching elbow for three straight seasons.

In You Are Being Planted, Not Buried, Thonvold discusses what he learned while rehabbing those gruesome injuries in Peoria, Arizona, developing the mindset that we are so much more than what we do in life. This life-altering book will shake your own identity constructs, help you to embrace failure instead of run from it, and truly be planted for growth wherever you are at in your life.

Although growth takes time and effort, being planted is so much more than an action, it's a way of life.

--Lance Thonvold

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