You Don't Have to Go There

Book I of IV

This book is about a man's everyday life in prison (that man being me). To me, my life in prison was about "bettering" myself by staying positive in all that I did.

You asked, "Raymond what did you do for five year?" (while incarcerated). Well, I read, I wrote, I went to school, and I went to almost every church service I could. I became a chapel aide at the last two prisons where I was incarcerated. As you will find as you begin to read this book, I also took care of my physical body by working out, doing push- ups, crunches, working out at the weight pile and of course doing a lot of walking! Anything I could do to better myself physically and mentally I did. I wrote a lot of poetry, along with writing this book journal that you are about to read. I ‘m sure you will feel emotional, sad, and even smiling at times.

I was always truthful and I prayed a lot. I'm sure you will be blessed and at times excited as you read about a man's everyday life in prison. I suggest you read slowly and visualize what a man goes through in everyday life in prison. It was God and His presence that seen me through a five- years incarceration.

May you be blessed

Sincerely Ray Tapp


--Raymond Tapp