Your Best Year Ever

This book will be a huge blessing to those who read it. It is so encouraging to the extent that if you are depressed or sad, after you read this book, you will be so uplifted you will be glad you took the time to read it.

It gives you insight to have a blessed time ahead for the remainder of the year. It lets you know that whatever you speak in Godís will shall come to pass.

One of the primary aims of this book is to let you know that whatever situation you are faced with, you will have the victory. You will have the victory, even it means to press your way through difficult storms in your life.

Do not be mistaken to the success that this book is promoting. Yes, you are going to have a prosperous year, but it will not come without challenges. The challenges that you experience can be viewed as opportunities for you grow by each time you have them.

You will learn to how to deal with setbacks and roadblocks. You will learn how to veer around all things that are placed in your path. This season, you will achieve your purpose and mission in life. Things will get better!

--Dr. Daphne Harris