Your Business: You Don't Know What You Don't Know

Some Mistakes You Learn From...Some You Never Recover From There is a learning curve in every sort of endeavor. Business is no exception. You may have a business background, but so much of your experience will be gained through trial and error. But what if you could eliminate the fallout from trial and error that seems inevitable? Rob Belfield has been a business owner, a business analyst, and runs a consulting firm that has helped hundreds of businesses just like yours. At last, someone addresses and explains the day-to-day practices and leadership standards necessary to find success at what you do! In his book, YOUR BUSINESS - You Don't Know What You Don't Know; Rob pulls no punches as he lays out the information you need in an easy-to-understand format. It's written in plain language and explains business concepts to real people... real business owners like yourself. You'll learn about the pitfalls that you may encounter on your entrepreneurial journey. Some of these are avoidable if you see them coming or know they are there. Learn how to recognize symptoms within your business that let you know there's a problem in your company. Benefit from Rob's experience as he reveals the standards and practices you need to ensure that you can run your business smoothly. Cut out much of the painful trial and error process by partnering with Rob and his Team at Belfield Management Solutions. If-You are awake at night worrying about the operations of your business You cannot seem to get or keep good people Your business keeps growing, but you are not making any more money You find it impossible to step away from your desk or take time off-This book was written just for you Get your copy today!

--Rob Belfield

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