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“Send Me Wings” by Bobby Cyrus

This story begins in Charleston, South Carolina. Ron and Sarah Boggs have the sorrowful task of finalizing Sarah’s mother’s estate. While meeting with the attorney, Mr. Lyndsay, they learn her mother has left her an old church in Hopetown, Virginia. Sarah seems troubled by this inheritance and Ron becomes very curious about the real estate prospect. After much encouragement, Ron convinces Sarah to travel to Hopetown. Ron feels there could be a financial opportunity waiting in that little mountain town. However, he is also somewhat bewildered by Sarah’s reaction towards the church. During the reading of the will, there were other things Ron discovered about Sarah, he never knew. Once the couple arrives in Hopetown, lives begin to change. Some of the worst tragedies and adversities in life create the best opportunities. In this story, you will hear several of these instances. A child’s quest to go to heaven, a man’s focus on supplementing his retirement, a woman’s reluctance to face the past, and a town’s resistance to regain its faith all add up to a powerful story of life!


Consumers can purchase “Send Me Wings” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

Turn a Book into a Movie: The Dream Comes True!

Over the past few years, Christian Faith Publishing has built a positive reputation in the book publishing industry. We have steadily become one of the largest publishers, not only in faith-based markets but also within secular outlets as well. Due to our size and stability, new opportunities present themselves to us all the time that directly benefit our authors.

The idea of turning a book into a movie has been a dream of ours for many years. We have published so many fantastic stories here at CFP and so many could transfer over to the big screen.

In 2018, Christian Faith Publishing  partnered with movie industry vets to turn one of our author’s books into an independent film with major distribution. The requirement for consideration was simple. Be a Christian Faith Publishing author at the end of 2018 and your book would be considered for this excellent opportunity.

After an exhaustive review process, the production company selected, “Send Me Wings” by Christian Faith Publishing author, Bobby Cyrus.

The Movie

The faith-based short film stars Rachel Cannon (“Fresh Off the Boat,” “Mad Men”).

Cannon co-wrote and produced “Send Me Wings,” which is billed as “a story of how you don’t have to be perfect to find purpose in God.” She plays a fashion designer who must return to her small hometown to settle up her mother’s estate and face her past. 

Based on the book by Bobby Cyrus, “Send Me Wings” has been accepted to multiple film festivals including, the International Christian Film & Music Festival in Orlando, Florida, and the Branson International Film Festival in Missouri. 

Check out the trailer for “Send Me Wings,” directed by deadCenter Executive Director and filmmaker Lance McDaniel.

Lets Make Another Movie in 2022!

With the buzz building for our second book-to-movie adaptation, Christian Faith Publishing is excited to announce that we are turning another one of our author’s books into a movie in 2022.

Once again, the criteria is simple. Be a Christian Faith Publishing author by the end of 2021 to have a chance for your book to be selected. Watch this video to learn more about this magnificent opportunity!

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