Some of our recent titles
  • FOCUSED Prayers Devotional

    FOCUSED Prayers Devotional Vol. 1. FOCUSED Ministries, Inc. was birthed during a time of prayer. The name came as a result of two college students praying for direction and asking God how He could use them to change the lives of young people. FOCUSED is an acronym that stands for "Focusing On Christ Until Spiritual Excellence is Demonstrated" based on the Word of God found in Proverbs 4:...

  • Burning Waters

    I will not be like every other book you've read.
    I will not promote the desires of your flesh.
    I will not pander to your inimical emotions.
    I will only deliver the message.
    A powerful and unyielding message
    Containing love and religion,
    Anger, deceit, and hard decisions,
    Understanding, commitment, and difficult questions.
    But never forget
    The realities depicted here a...

  • The Adventures of Paw Paw and Nana

    Child heartfelt memories that will take your mind back in time to reminisce about the goodness of life and the love that you shared with very special people dear to you. Paw Paw's place is a fun place to be that is filled with tantalizing music that will warm your soul with mutual love, respect, and collaboration among friends and family. Sunday morning breakfast, the amazing authentic and flavorf...

  • The Magic Animal Factory

    Where do you go to get all the stuffed animals needed for Christmas? Why the Magic Animal Factory of course! What a community! Everything has the colors of the rainbow, and most things are edible. There are also live animals of all shapes and sizes, with unique features abound.

    Will there be a Christmas with no stuffed animals? The magic stuffing is gone! Charmaine and Esmerelda wit...

  • The Process of a Prophetic Word

    Psalm 105:19 says, “Until the time that his word [of prophecy regarding his brothers] came true, the word of the LORD tested and refined him.”

    The prophetic word over Joseph’s life initiated a process (tested and refined).

    A journey.

    A development.

    A spiritually legal action.

    A method of action.

    A personal transformation.

    The process of a prop...

  • If My People

    In part 1 the scribe gives an account of the decline in the moral character of the United States, which has contributed to the diminution of personal freedoms and impacted the state of the republic. Along with the description of the decline, solutions are suggested to combat the decline. Part 2 provides actions the Christian faith community may take whether the country turns back toward its consti...

  • There’s a Giant Spider in Joey’s Yard

    Our story is about a six-year-old boy Joey, who, like all children, fears what they don’t understand. Joey is a happy, healthy little boy who loves to play outside. However, discovering a very large spider in his playing area creates a healthy concern for Joey. He deeply questions in his heart, Why do we have spiders in the world? Why would God make such scary things that have no purpose? Joey f...

  • Poems Given by God

    This book of poems is about the love that was given to me by God. I spent many years writing these poems and wanted to share with you that the love of God is real....

  • Essence of God

    Ariell Green is an exceptional individual who, despite facing significant challenges, has managed to overcome adversity and create a successful business. As a former student at Thomas Edison Charter School, Ariell exhibited qualities of inspiration and delight, leaving a lasting impact on those around her. Unfortunately, after graduating high school, she encountered a debilitating disease that lef...

  • Tuesday's Rainbow

    Tuesday's Rainbow is a story that celebrates the bond and relationship between pets and their owners. Tuesday is the actual name of a beloved female Yorkshire terrier who was energetic, joyful, and loved. Tuesday spent time with her family until she received her rainbow.This book recognizes the joy, love, heartache, and hope that pet owners experience throughout the entire lifespan of our pets....

  • Buddy & Me

    Buddy and Me is about a man and a dog, a chance meeting with a woman named Mrs. Giggles, and a life of love and chances within a time and place of human kindness. Martin thought his journey was about a pug, but little did he know that it was about a journey of companionship as with Mrs. Giggles. In life, we all need someone or something to hold on to, but somehow, we reject because of our schedule...

  • The ABCs of Why It's Not Good For Men to be Alone (and This Includes Women)

    The ABCs of Why It's Not Good for Men to Be Alone (And This Includes Women) is a book that explores the impact of isolation on individuals' mental and physical health. The book argues that social connections and social support are essential for promoting overall well-being and that individuals who lack social connections may be at risk for a range of negative health outcomes.Drawing on a wide rang...